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Protecting The Future Of Your Business

As a business owner or spouse who has supported the growth of a business, you have made sacrifices to build a successful organization with a strong future. When facing divorce, it is important to work with an attorney you trust to represent your interests with skill and integrity.

At Stein & Stein, Ltd., we have been guiding clients through complex and high-value divorce proceedings involving business valuation and division for more than 35 years. We have helped many Illinois business owners and their partners protect their business interests in a wide range of industries.

Legal Experience Meets Business Insight

We understand the hard work and contributions you have made to grow a business, and we are prepared to advocate for your interests when determining the division of property during divorce.

When negotiation does not yield an acceptable result, we are prepared to apply our decades of litigation experience to pursue a favorable ruling in court. Peers, opposing counsel, judges and a prestigious roster of satisfied clients respect our attorneys, which means they take our clients’ cases seriously.

We work with a diverse network of professionals, including valuation experts and forensic accountants, to ensure your interests are fully supported and protected.

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business. Contact Us For A Consultation.

Contact our team at Stein & Stein by calling 312-815-6205 to arrange a consultation to discuss your business interests, concerns and priorities for resolving your case. From our office in downtown Chicago, we serve clients with complex family law concerns throughout Greater Chicago and statewide.